There is a sign from heaven... Do you see it?

There is a sign from heaven… Do you see it?

There is a sign from heaven… Do you see it?

There is a sign from heaven… Do you see it?


I wanted to tell you about the website I set up so that we the people have a place where we will not have to worry about the fuckery that is Facebook and Twitter and… etc. A website built based on communication. I’m hoping I can get everyone to join so we can stay connected when Facebook shuts us down for speaking the truth. Censors us for no good reason. I’m doing this as a gift to the Patriot Movement. lll%

Grand Opening of WETHEPEOPLE3.COM A Community Website Based on Unification and Communication. Welcome Patriots to the We The People 3%ers Community! Join Today!

We The People 3 dotcom A 3%ers social media community

We The People 3 is a brand new 3%er Community. A Place Where We Can Unite To Achieve Victory and Make America Great Again!

Now until the end of January, we will be celebrating our Grand Opening! You are invited to join! #MAGA

The friendly folks behind the scenes blame Facebook and social media for Hillary’s loss. Facebook will not let this happen again. They will not let us MAGA in 2018. Facebook has a goal to destroy our movement. Facebook has started a war on the conservative community. A war they plan to win. They are going to do all they can to break our connections. They are doing it now. They are going to try to shut us down. We The People can’t let them censor us into extinction! They have the power to do so… right or wrong, they don’t care as long as they win. WE THE PEOPLE need a place where we can plan, scheme, plot, and unite to achieve Victory for our side and Make America Great Again! That Place is FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and GOOGLE are all run by the far left.

Join today!

Hillary Hell Is Waiting For You

Hillary Hell Is Waiting For You! True Story...

Hillary Hell Is Waiting For You!

Hillary… Hell is where you are going. But you know that. You are of Satan. All of your life you have been a bad seed. A dark soul. Always an evil intent. That is why you have nothing good to show. Only death and destruction. Corruption and lies. May the good Lord send you straight to hell. Amen.

Facebook Censored

Facebook Censored For Speaking The Truth

Facebook Censored For Speaking The Truth! We The People have been Zucked!

I have suffered from and seen so many of my friends suffer from what I call Facebook Censored. I could write a book. So let us talk about it a little bit.  Remember during the election every time you would post “Public” anything pro-Trump or Anti-Hillary you would be bombarded with Liberal Trolls? I’m not talking Liberals on your friend’s list… I’m talking about the freak liberal that seemed to just pop into the tread from nowhere! Yeah, That Troll… now somehow they have simply disappeared.  You see, now that Donald J. Trump is President they have changed tactics. Divide and conquer and stop conservatives from connecting using extreme censorship to suit their evil agenda.

Hillary’s FBI Subpoena Team Is For Hire Call 1-800-FBI-AWAY

Hillary’s FBI Subpoena Team Is For Hire

Hillary’s FBI Subpoena Team


We absolutely demand it. This one thing must happen. Jeff Sessions #LockHerUp or else we will have you fired.

Hillary’s FBI Subpoena Team

Liberals, Democrats, and Sewer Rats… one and the same.

This is the Kind of Posts that Facebook Censors

This is the Kind of Posts that Facebook Censors

Facebook will not let anyone see this poster. They won’t like it. They F’n hate it. Why? Because it is there to remind you that if you are an American you are free and you have rights and it celebrates your 2nd amendment right and they only care about taking those very rights away. So, even thou it is unfair and just plain wrong they will suppress and censor it.

Facebook Censors.